How to Negotiate Salary During a Job Offer

Salary negotiations make many people uncomfortable. When you’ve been offered a job and you’re right in the middle of the negotiation, it can be hard to think straight. Here are some tips on how to navigate the minefield...

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Is Working With Family A Bad Idea?

The Proper Job March 20, 2019

In past generations, families often worked together. Family businesses were much more common than they are today. If you have never worked with your family before, but now find yourself faced with the potential option of working with your family, there are several factors you should consider before making this choice.

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What Entry Level Trade Jobs Have to Offer

The Proper Job January 21, 2019

For a few decades now college has been marketed as the end all way to obtain a successful career. However, the over concentration on college degrees and the white collar jobs that they lead to has caused an imbalance in the workforce.

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New Year's Resolutions for Job Seekers

The Proper Job December 19, 2018

A new year is upon us. Everyone is thinking about their New Years' Resolutions. For job seekers this can be a great opportunity to re-evaluate your job search and see if there are any areas that could using a little tweaking. Here are a few New Years' Resolutions you should consider.

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How to Answer the Awkward 'How's the Job Search Going?' Question During the Holidays

The Proper Job November 30, 2018

If there is anything worse than being out of a job, it's being out of a job at the holidays. The holidays are a time when we want everything perfect. We will be reconnecting with a lot of people that we normally don't see all year long and every one wants to know how every thing is going.

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