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How to Answer the Awkward 'How's the Job Search Going?' Question During the Holidays

The Proper Job 30 November, 2018

If there is anything worse than being out of a job, it's being out of a job at the holidays. The holidays are a time when we want everything perfect. We will be reconnecting with a lot of people that we normally don't see all year long and every one wants to know how every thing is going. This can be awkward for you if everything is not going that great during a job search. Here are few ways to deal with this time of year and that pesky question that haunts you from one holiday party to the next.

Be Honest

If you lie or try to deceive anyone about your job situation then you will just feel worse later. If your job search isn't going great, say so. If you still have not found a job after months of searching, say so. You might be surprised at the amount of support you get as a response. Discussing your job search efforts honestly is also a great way to network. You never know whether or not there is someone at that holiday gathering that may have just the job lead you are looking for.

Take a Holiday

Just because things have not gone exactly the way you wanted them to this year, is no reason why you should not go ahead and enjoy your holiday season. Take a holiday from stressing over your job search. Think of it this way; if you stress over your job search or don't stress over your job search you are still exactly where you are. So if the outcome is the same either way, why not choose the path of most joy? Go ahead and have a fun holiday. Even if you can't spend as much money as usual, you can still enjoy the parties and food and family time.

Don't Be A Wet Blanket

It's okay to be honest about how your job search is going. It's okay to even say that it isn't going great if it isn't, but that does not mean you need to be a total party downer. Everyone you see during the holidays, including the people asking about your job search, do not want to hear a thirty minute pity party. Keep it positive. A positive attitude will help your spirit and your job search.

Holidays are tough, especially if you are looking for a job. These three tips can help keep your holiday bright.