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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Events

The Proper Job 20 Aug, 2018

When news of a hiring event reaches your ears, you may be relieved. After all, if your job search has been less than successful, a hiring event sounds like a quick solution to your worries. But there are drawbacks to hiring event as well as benefits. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons.

Pro: You’ll Have Access to Many Employers in One Location It’s convenient and time efficient to connect with multiple employers on one day in one location. Your effort is reduced to browsing among tables, chatting briefly with company representatives and collecting business cards.

Con: Your Competition is Right There, Too Of course, your competition is going to show up, too. So all those employers will be able to compare you side by side with all the other job applicants they see that day.

Pro: You Don’t Have to Wait For an Interview to Show How Professional You Look You should always dress for a hiring event as if you already work at the company of your dreams. In other words, wear your interview attire. This is a perfect opportunity to show that you’re a professional and you know how to dress and comport yourself.

Con: It’s Harder to Stand Out The downside is, it’s harder to stand out in a crowd if your competition also knows how to dress for the hiring event. While most people actually won’t dress up, there will no doubt be some sharp attendees who will make it more challenging for you to make yourself memorable to employers.

Pro: You Can Network With Other Attendees Anyone who’s attending can make a good connection for you as far as networking. They’ve all been at other companies, and you may be interested in a job they’ve left. A hiring event is a chance for you to expand your network, even if it’s with other people who are looking for employment.

The sheer number of attendees may mean you have to wait in line for a long time to see your employer of choice. This can take away from the time you have left to visit other employers.

As long as you're aware of the pros and cons of hiring events, they can be worth your time. One thing is sure: hiring events are guaranteed to attract employers that have a genuine need to find talented people just like you!