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What Entry Level Trade Jobs Have to Offer

The Proper Job 21 January, 2019

For a few decades now college has been marketed as the end all way to obtain a successful career. However, the over concentration on college degrees and the white collar jobs that they lead to has caused an imbalance in the workforce. Today, blue collar jobs are in high demand, practically begging people to fill the positions, while while young graduates seeking white collar employment are flipping hamburgers and working at the grocery store, being underemployed and underpaid. So what exactly do trade jobs have to offer?

Competitive Salaries

There is a huge misconception that unless you have a degree under your belt and you are in an office somewhere, you cannot make enough money to live on. This is simply not true. There are plenty of trade jobs that start entry level employees off with high salaries and competitive benefits. In fact, because of the imbalance in the job force right now, most trade jobs are paying better than ever before.

Less Stress

By the nature of the work, trade jobs are less stressful. Many trade jobs are manual by nature and therefore do not require the same type of stressful involvement that more complicated careers would involve. Not to say the jobs are easy, but sometimes what is hard on the body is not necessarily hard on the brain. Many people find this type of work appealing, because when it is over for the day, it is over and you can leave the work at work, whereas many types of white collar work follows you home every night.

A Needed Contribution

Another huge misconception which some parents have helped spread to their children is that blue collar work is not as noble as an office job, or a career in the medical field or in law. This is an unfair judgement based on misguided ideas. The truth is the economy of any country literally runs on the blue collar industries.

If you have been struggling to decide which profession you should consider, do not count out trade jobs just because they do not require a college degree. Trade jobs have much to offer the job seeker.