How to Negotiate Salary During a Job Offer

Salary negotiations make many people uncomfortable. When you’ve been offered a job and you’re right in the middle of the negotiation, it can be hard to think straight. Here are some tips on how to navigate the minefield...

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How To Handle A Termination

The Proper Job June 3, 2022

Terminations can be tough. Even though no one ever hopes for a termination, the truth is that terminations do happen. When they happen, it is important to know how to handle it properly. Let's look at a few tips to help you better handle a job termination.

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Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

The Proper Job May 12, 2022

Although college can be an exciting time for learning and exploring, it can also be a stressful time as you try to navigate finances without the full support of your parents anymore. To help offset some of your expenses, you will probably need a part-time job while you are in college. Let's look at a few part-time jobs that work well for college students.

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How Soon Can I Ask For a Raise?

The Proper Job April 7, 2022

The joys of getting a new job can quickly be squelched after you receive your first paycheck. After all the deductions, you might find that you barely have enough to pay the landlord and have a few nights out with your mates. A raise is in order, you say, but how soon can you ask for a raise since it’s a new job?

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5 Great Work From Home Options

The Proper Job March 11, 2022

Working from home has proven to be a great way for businesses to save on costs for both employers and employees. You probably have considered these many benefits. Let's look at a few great work-from-home options.

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