Career Advice

Best Ways to Use Referrals

The Proper Job August 28, 2019

Referrals are an important part of the application process. It is inaccurate to think that referrals do not matter or that they are simply ignored. Many employers rely heavily upon referrals to help them decide whether or not they should call in a candidate for an interview. This often happens when there is a tie-breaking decision between two or more potential employees.

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Finding Work in Your Local Market

The Proper Job July 26, 2019

You love where you live, but you don't love the amount of money you earn. Your hope is that you can find work that pays more locally, but you don't know where to look.

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5 CV Optimization Tips For 2019

The Proper Job June 20, 2019

You would think that something as basic as a CV format would stay more or less stay the same over the march of time. Alas, like most things, technology has changed everything. Well, almost. Truth is, in this competitive day and age, if you don’t have your CV optimized for maximum effectiveness, it will be discarded before the first human hiring manager ever sees it. Here are five tips to help you create a CV that will get noticed.

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5 Places To Find Great Seasonal Jobs

The Proper Job May 20, 2019

The warm months are finally here, the season to get outside and enjoy the great weather, and to pursue your favorite outdoor summer activities. It’s also a good time to find great temporary jobs in industries that mainly operate or do most of their business in the summer.

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